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Where does our milk go?

Discover the products our milk creates



The Cellars of Jasper Hill Farm

Eligo, named for a nearby lake, is the first cheese Jasper Hill Creamery has developed to suit Bridgman Hills Farm's expertly crafted goat milk.

Eligo’s flavors bring out the best in both milk types; buttery richness from the cow milk carries a soft, white pepper spice note and goat aromas. A densely creamy texture is a bit softer beneath the rosy, orange washed rind, where the flavors are a more pronounced.


The Cellars of Jasper Hill Farm

Bridgman Blue is made within Jasper HIll’s original farmstead creamery in Greensboro, Vermont. The raw cow milk is exclusively sourced from Jasper Hill’s own cows. Before the make begins, this milk is blended with a fresh delivery of raw milk from Bridgman Hill Farm’s goats. Curd are then formed using a specialized blue cheese vat.



The Cellars of Jasper Hill Farm


‘The Highlands’ is a nickname for the Northeast Kingdom from way back; Highlander takes its name from a classic ‘back road’ of Greensboro. The raw cow milk in this cheese is sourced exclusively from Jasper Hill’s own cows, blended with fresh, raw milk from the Bridgman Hill Farm goats. The cheese is made in Jasper Hill’s newest creamery at the Vermont Food Venture Center.


Wholesome goat milk bottled in the heart of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

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